Become a real life cyber spy, and hack the other team out of the game!


Video games meet real life in DOMAIN (formerly HACKER): a mobile secret-identity game, mapped to your real-time GPS location.

Find your team.

Discover your enemies.

Attack them through stealth, speed, and deception!


Become an Agent

In Domain, players are assigned to one of two secret teams. After gathering “intel” to discover who is friend and who is foe, it’s a thrilling chase to hack your enemies out of the playing field – before they get to you!

hack the planet

Domain is unique: it’s the first of its kind to bring multiplayer battle arena gameplay to the real world. Designed for 4-6 players with variable game ‘lengths,’ the game also offers room for future development like game modes, avatar customization, and AR puzzles.

It’s cyber tag. For you and your friends.

The Team

Developed by student Team Hackerbird at USC Games as one of seven selected 2018 Advanced Game Projects.


Access Info

Player count: Up to 6

Like tag, Domain gameplay requires physical activity. Unlike tag, it also needs a secure internet connection. Please play at a safe location such as an enclosed college campus. Do not cross roads or streets.