Where games meet real life in a spychase.

The Team

Team Description

With little experience in creating games, Catherine (Cat), the creative director, embarked on a mission to create an enjoyable physical game in real life for her and her group of friends. 1.5 years ago, she started recruiting a team, took game design and coding classes, created a prototype, and pitched it to the USC Games division at the School of Cinematic Arts for the Advanced Games Project capstone class. She is responsible for the project’s vision, core game loop, presentations, recruiting, pitches, and project management.

Along the way, Cat recruited Kaitlyn Berry as a narrative lead, who interned at HBO and other entertainment companies. She is currently working for the Gersh Agency. Kaitlyn is responsible for the terminology and narrative of the game.

Jerica joined the team as the design lead for the game. Jerica is a UX/UI designer, currently looking for jobs in the mobile game industry. For an entire semester, Jerica was the only game designer on the team! Since last January, Jerica was finally able to lead a design team with new recruits, Johan Song and Isaac Tang who was responsible for some features and polishing the design for usability purposes. At that time, Jerica also became the Marketing lead, responsible for the team’s marketing plan.

Luting Wang and David Dai, originally both gameplay designers, moved over to the design and usability teams as the production needs shifted during the second semester.

Emily Wittkowske is a brilliant engineering lead, who was already working at FoxNext games for a contract position at the time! She easily managed the production of the other engineers and did much of the UI engineering on the game. This included Barry He who had a knack for servers, JC a network engineer, and Parshav a gameplay engineer who was interested in AR.

Without anyone in the usability department, Jeff Hsu stepped up to take on the role of Usability lead. Jeff is responsible for finding team members, and performing weekly playtests of the game with external playtesters.

Production management became a lot smoother when Kevin Yan came on board as the team’s new producer. He is responsible for the project milestones, timeline, and making sure that production is going smoothly.

Brenda Chen was the technical artist on the game and responsible for Maya and Unity art integration and shaders. Other art volunteers mainly Rachel Li, Diego Yanez, and Brinley Zhao, was responsible for concepts, 2D graphics, and particles respectively. Anthony and Max are outsourced volunteers who helps create sound/music for our game. Like AR, music and sound eventually became less important and most were cut from the game.

Special Thanks:

  • Danny Bilson
  • Matt Whiting
  • Martzi Campos
  • Jesse Vigil
  • Jim Huntley
  • Richard Lemarchand
  • Katherine James
  • Dru Erridge
  • Michael Ritchie-Rodriguez
  • David White
  • Aaron Casillas
  • Dennis Wixon
  • Scott Easley
  • Sean Bouchard
  • Jane Pinckard
  • Sara Binder
  • Flint Dille